How can I test the function and effect of GlowStones correctly?

The following explanation helps you to understand and test the functionality of the GlowStones correctly.

We recommend that you use a small amount of GlowStones (max. 100 – 200 g) on a surface of your choice or in a transparent bag tit takes 15 minutes in direct sunlight, or 20 minutes in artificial light to charge.

Then you should place the charged GlowStone in a completely darkened room, windowless room or darkroom.

In the first few minutes your GlowStone will shine extremely brightly. This effect will decrease within the first 1 – 2 hours, so that the actual long-lasting light effect becomes visible.

In the first minutes after charging
continuous afterglow

You should leave the room, if possible without using light sources, and re-enter after approx. 4 – 5 hours. Make sure that no external light sources are used when entering. At first you will notice a very faint glow of GlowStone. This is because the human eye takes up to 15 minutes to get used to the dark environment. After a short period of time in the darkroom, the lighting effect will appear more intense than at the beginning.

The luminous intensity of GlowStone depends very much on the ambient brightness. Street lamps in the immediate vicinity can almost completely absorb the lighting effect. GlowStone works best in dark or rural areas where other electrical light sources do not interfere with the lighting effect.

The luminous intensity of GlowStone depends on the product itself – GlowStone or GlowStone Ultra, colour, grain size and the amount processed.

The GlowStone granulate encloses a certain amount of the luminescent dye that is responsible for the effect of GlowStone, depending on the grain size. A larger grain size contains more colour pigments than a smaller one. You can achieve an intensive lighting effect by using a larger grain size or a smaller grain size in high density. The higher the density of the processed dye in the form of GlowStone per m², the higher the luminous effect.

Product overview

The choice of colour and grain size usually depend on the type of application and personal preferences.

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