How can you process GlowStone?

Sowing Technique

The fastest and simplest method of using GlowStones is the so-called sowing technique. The GlowStones are scattered or distributed by hand on the soft concrete surface. The GlowStones are then worked into the hardening concrete with a Fresno trowel so that it lies just below the surface and is covered with a thin concrete film.

Highlighting GlowStone

To prevent GlowStone from being impaired in its function, it must be guaranteed that light energy can be absorbed at the surface and stored for later use.

The highlighting of GlowStones can be done both chemically and mechanically.

1. Chemically exposed GlowStone

Chemical exposure of GlowStone is achieved by lightly spraying a concrete retarder onto the hardening concrete. The concrete retarder slows down the chemical hardening process of the concrete surface and leaves it uncured so that part of the concrete can be washed off. The GlowStone is then exposed at the surface creating a rough, glowing concrete surface.

This process is similar to the production of washed concrete, except that GlowStone is used instead of normal stones or recycled glass.

2. Mechanically exposed GlowStone

The second, more labour-intensive method is to mechanically expose the GlowStone with diamond polishing pads mounted either on a hand polishing machine or on high performance concrete floor polishing machines. This procedure gives you get a beautiful, smooth surface with integrated GlowStones, which reveal their punctual light effect in the darkness.

Other possible application techniques

  • Scattered on unpaved gravel
  • Spread on hardening asphalt on cycle paths and footpaths
  • Processed in pickled concrete
  • Processed in structural concrete
  • Integrated on plastered surfaces
  • Incorporated in joint mortar
  • Fastened with concrete sealants
  • Punched/pressed in concrete
  • Glued/stuck on smooth surfaces